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Dofasco Drives Employee Engagement and Unites Multi-Generational and Offline Workforce with Achievers


Business Challenge

Employing over 5,500 employees, Dofasco is a 104-year-old subsidiary of ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel producer. Throughout its long history the company has always placed a strong emphasis on its employees, reflected in its slogan, "Our product is steel. Our strength is people." After experiencing the 2006 acquisition by ArcelorMittal and weathering the 2008 financial crisis, Dofasco surveyed employees for the first time to gather feedback on the direction and state of the company. Results from the survey and employee focus groups revealed an overarching issue: employees didn’t feel recognized for their hard work. Dofasco knew they needed to find a solution that would position recognition as a key element of company culture, would revamp their Years of Service program, and would appeal to a multi-generational and 90% offline workforce.

Employee Success Platform™ Solution

Dofasco partnered with Achievers in 2011 to implement the Employee Success Platform, effectively reducing the time and labor costs associated with the company’s previous homegrown solutions. The Thanks a Ton program was rolled out in 2012 to the entire employee base, and saw over 950 recognitions in the first day. The company knew it was vital to find a solution that could recognize both team-based and individual success — something that was important to a new generation of Millennial employees.

With 90% of Dofasco employees voting to specifically implement a recognition tool, the program became an immediate success and a favorite resource for workers. Thanks a Ton empowers the entire workforce to share social recognition publicly, regardless of their role, by combining points-based and free recognitions. The program also gave employees the freedom to choose their own Years of Service awards from the Achievers Marketplace, instead of the traditional milestone award chosen by Dofasco.

Additionally, Thanks a Ton allowed recognition moments to take place anywhere — on shared on-site computers, on employees’ mobile phones, or at home — making it easy for an offline workforce to participate.

Business Impact

The Achievers Employee Success Platform had an immediate and significant impact on the company culture at Dofasco. Since implementing Thanks a Ton, Dofasco has seen over 240,000 employee recognitions go out across the platform. The company resurveyed their employee base in 2012 and found that, as a direct result of the platform, their engagement scores went up by 28% — an incredible accomplishment. The program maintains greater than 90% activation, indicating strong employee adoption rates. Manager recognition, a key area of employee concern, has skyrocketed on the platform through “Boost” — a feature allowing managers to view and add points to existing recognitions — creating line of sight between organizational layers that has been typically absent in the past. Thanks a Ton has been cited as a contributing factor to Dofasco being recognized as a Top 100 Employer in Canada, a Great Place to Work, and receiving a Gold Standard rating for Healthy Workplaces. The company can confidently say that Achievers gave them back the power of "thanks".


"The last few years have brought many changes in your life. You worked very hard as a casual to get hired on full time. You have matured into a great person and a great father! I am very proud of you!!"

- Recognition sent from a father to his son, both long-time Dofasco employees