Achievers Latest Product Release Drives Employee Success with Actionable Insight

San Francisco and Toronto – [Achievers], the leader in social employee recognition software, today announced Einstein, the latest product offering featuring new tools to drive Employee Success. This new release includes updates for both managers and HR professionals including powerful analytics, seamless integrations, engagement visibility, and manager support to more effectively engage the workforce and track progress towards workplace objectives.

“We built Achievers’ latest release to provide our customers with the means to engage their employees and build strong cultures of Employee Success,” said Razor Suleman, founder and chairman of Achievers. “Employee Success is the product of performance and engagement—and our top priority. At Achievers we want to change the way the world works, and today we are providing a new set of tools to get that done.”

Inspired by Einstein’s belief that “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler,” Achievers created a suite of powerful tools to simplify reporting. New product features result in:

  •  Actionable insight. Intuitive and powerful reports display team and individual employee performance data and measure alignment to company and team goals.
  • Measurable collaboration. Manager’s Corner provides insight into how individuals and teams are collaborating with an intuitive, visual display.
  • Customized campaigns. Managers have the ability to create customized campaigns such as social recruitment, sales campaigns, and cost-saving initiatives to drive individual and team success using Results Driver. These campaigns help communicate team objectives and motivate employees to complete their goals across every department.
  • Manager accountability. Identify power users and provide coaching to those not engaging their individual teams.

Learn how Einstein drives business results. For more information about Achievers, check out


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