Achievers Launches Its Second Major Release of 2013 with Franklin

San Francisco and Toronto – Achievers, the leader in employee engagement and recognition software, today unveiled Franklin, the company’s second major product release of 2013. It provides unprecedented visibility for managers and executives into employee accomplishments and performance substantially improving employee success.

The release will be presented to more than 900 customers attending the annual Achievers Customer Experience 2013 event in Toronto. Franklin provides an enhanced collaborative, social environment for managers and employees and inspires dramatically higher employee engagement and performance.

“Employees who are motivated and happy are more productive and less likely to leave a company,” said Razor Suleman, founder and chief evangelist, Achievers. “Managers are an untapped resource for inspiring employee engagement and happiness. The release of Franklin provides the tools to transform managers into coaches. New visibility into performance and insights into employee engagement creates a better employee experience.”

“The enhancements provided in this new release are the direct result of the close collaboration we enjoy with our largest customers,” said Patrick Quirk, President and Chief Executive Officer, Achievers. “In fact, we are expanding the collaboration with our customers by creating the Achievers Product Advisory Board, which will bring even more focus to the issues HR leaders face in the more fluid workplace of today’s modern companies.”

The release of Franklin advances Achievers’ commitment to driving heightened employee engagement and performance with three key features:

  • Achievements, which allows employees to self-report and ‘tag’ others in their accomplishments, creating greater visibility for managers and providing a voice to silent high-performers.
  • Achievers Profile, which consolidates and saves all of an employee’s important successes throughout their tenure, translating into an enhanced career reputation.
  • Engagement Pulse, which provides a real-time view of current employee morale, as well as historical employee morale trends.

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Achievers’ Employee Recognition and Rewards solution provides companies with a robust foundation for their employee engagement initiatives that enables both social and rewards-based recognition. Designed for today’s workplace, Achievers’ innovative SaaS platform can increase employee engagement and drive business success. It empowers employees to recognize and reward each other in real time and aligns employees with company values and goals. Delivering millions of recognitions annually, the Achievers platform inspires employee loyalty, engagement and performance in 150 countries. Visit us at Achievers is a Blackhawk Network company and is headquartered in Toronto and San Francisco.

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