Achievers Reveals Latest Software Release of its Employee Success Platform™

*Release makes employees lives easier, more connected and more seamless than ever before*

**San Francisco and Toronto – March 5, 2015** – Achievers, the only true cloud Employee Success Platform, today announces its latest software release. The release introduces new features for sales managers, employees, and business executives to inspire employee success and drive improved business results through increased levels of recognition.

The Achievers Employee Success Platform is designed for the modern workforce, with features that employ the same principles that make our personal lives better. The newest features and enhancements make work life better—easier, more connected and seamless—so HR and employees can focus on what’s important: thriving at work and celebrating success.

“The Achievers platform is built on the idea of increased visibility and workplace connectedness and visibility, placing information directly into the hands of every employee so workforces are better aligned,” said Aris Zakinthinos, Chief Technology Officer of Achievers. “Our latest features empower HR leaders and employees, reducing administrative burdens often involved in recognizing co-workers, incenting sales teams to achieve goals, and tracking program budgets.”

Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of [Bersin by Deloitte](, Deloitte Consulting LLP, furthers the importance of employee recognition. “Our research shows that employee recognition is one of the strongest drivers of engagement, retention, and a culture of commitment. Extending recognition into workplace applications we use every day can help an organization greatly expand its culture of recognition and bring the benefits to everyone.”

Here’s how Achievers latest release makes our work lives easier, more connected, and more seamless than ever before:

• **Open Recognition™:** With Open Recognition, Achievers integrates seamlessly with your favorite workplace applications, like email clients, learning and development tools, and CRM applications, making recognition part of every program your employees use. Through this feature, employees are able to send an Email Recognition, recognizing colleagues for their contributions without interrupting the flow of work. Now, the right information is available in the right places, automatically, making teams and employees more productive.

• **Program Investment Planner:** With the only budget tracking tool in the industry, Program Investment Planner takes the guesswork out of program budgeting with real-time tracking of spend by program, cost centers and goals, pulling budgeting data automatically with no uploads required.

• **Results Driver for Sales:** Empowers sales leaders to intuitively create and launch sales incentive campaigns in just a few steps, with the ability to fully define each sales campaign from start to finish. Results Driver for Sales tracks campaign progress automatically with instant notifications and points awards, and minimal administration for managers. Employees are able to view their own progress on campaigns and view their peers’ progress in real time.

Here’s what Achievers customers are saying about the latest release:

“We love how Achievers integrates seamlessly with our other workplace applications. With Email Recognition, employees can recognize one another directly through the email client, so they never have to break the flow of work to celebrate success. That makes our employees more productive, more connected, and happier at work.” – *Lorne Rubis, Chief People Officer, ATB Financial*

“Results Driver for Sales has taken the administrative burden out of running an incentive campaign and given us precious time back. It’s also allowed us to set up, launch, and track campaign progress in real-time.” – *Heather Arthur, Director, Customer Care, Rogers Communications*

Learn how these features drive business results on our [website]( For more information about Achievers, check out


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