One Culture: The Business Impact of Organizational Alignment to Company Values

In times of crisis, such as today’s COVID-19 outbreak, Culture Continuity is an important aspect of business continuity. The core of Culture Continuity is culture alignment – the extent to which a company aligns decision-making, hiring, communication and other business processes to its company values.

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins demonstrates that companies with strong, well-aligned cultures are six times more successful than their competitors. The business case is there but few organizations are successfully aligning their culture.

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The Workforce Institute is the research and insights arm of Achievers. It provides thought leadership based in science, data, and research and ensures our products and services are rooted in workforce science.

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Achievers has always been and will always be committed to uncovering and decoding valid scientific data to drive engagement of people in the workplace.

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The Workforce Institute is a group of individuals focused on bringing scientific process, academic standards, and a research-based approach together with the in-house expertise and behavioural data insights within Achievers.

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