INFOGRAPHIC: Drive business results with employee appreciation

Could a meaningful “thank you” be the tool you need to retain top talent? The power of appreciative recognition is often underestimated, but Achievers Workforce Institute research shows it is a powerful driver of job commitment, productivity, and more.

Not sure where to start? Read the AWI Essentials paper on Recognition for more data and best practices.

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About the Institute

The Workforce Institute is the research and insights arm of Achievers. It provides thought leadership based in science, data, and research and ensures our products and services are rooted in workforce science.

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Why the Institute

Achievers has always been and will always be committed to uncovering and decoding valid scientific data to drive engagement of people in the workplace.

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Who is the Institute

The Workforce Institute is a group of individuals focused on bringing scientific process, academic standards, and a research-based approach together with the in-house expertise and behavioural data insights within Achievers.

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