Infographic: Recognition to drive productivity and resilience

With three-quarters of HR leaders concerned about a potential recession, according to data from the Achievers Workforce Institute HR Preparedness Report, organizations must focus on two key areas to survive and thrive through the challenging times ahead.

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This infographic outlines the data connecting the dots between recognition, productivity and resilience. Improving these areas is critical for HR leaders preparing for a recession in 2023. Organizations are likely to be operating with lean teams and facing unexpected challenges, requiring renewed effort from HR leaders, many of whom are still recovering from the pandemic and Great Resignation.

HR focus for recession preparedness

  1. Resilience
    Resilience is the ability to adapt to and manage unexpected challenges. It has proven especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to be vital as companies and communities navigate the predicted recession. Achievers Workforce Institute looked at both individual and organizational resilience to determine what the key drivers were, so organizations can help foster resilience in their employees and culture.
  2. Productivity
    Organizations are getting leaner. Asked how they were preparing for a possible recession, the number one answer from HR leaders was a focus on initiatives to improve productivity. There’s no question that enhancing productivity is top of mind for employers, who are looking for high-impact ways to do more with less.

Top drivers of resilience and productivity

The HR Preparedness Report found five action areas for HR to focus on in 2023 to prepare for the recession by improving resilience and productivity.

  1. Recognition
    Recognition is the low hanging fruit for driving engagement, resilience, and productivity. The data clearly demonstrates the connection between recognition frequency and positive business outcomes.
  2. Feedback
    In a culture of data-driven decision making, employee feedback is a crucial tool for guiding HR initiatives. However, just gathering the data isn’t enough. AWI research shows that the true power lies in taking action on feedback, which triples belonging and more than doubles productivity and
  3. Connection
    Having strong relationships at work is one of the best predictors of resilience and productivity.  People who say their company supports them in building relationships at work are more than
    twice as likely to report high individual resilience and almost three times more likely to report high resilience at the organizational level. They are also almost three times more likely to report being their most productive selves at work.
  4. Manager effectiveness
    An effective manager is a game changer for an employee or team. The right manager can inspire,
    support, and develop employees, driving incredible results for the organization. However, one great manager isn’t sufficient. Organizations must solve the puzzle of scaling manager effectiveness.
  5. Culture alignment
    Culture alignment exists when the decisions an organization makes is aligned with its values. HR leaders who said their company has strong culture alignment were twice as likely to report high organizational resilience as well as high individual and team productivity.


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