Supporting Employees in a Post-COVID-19 World

Supporting Employees: How 2020 Has Changed the Landscape for HR Leaders

Companies are facing new challenges, strategies, and priorities as a result of the global pandemic and the events of 2020. HR leaders must consider the realities of the future of work and adapt to change while meeting the expectations of their employees. Empathy, emotional intelligence, and communication are more critical than ever before. As companies prepare for employees returning to work, how can they support them, ensure a safe environment, and provide a consistent experience through this time of uncertainty? This webinar based on data collected in the past month will help companies answer the following questions:

  • What are the greatest challenges companies face as employees return to the workplace?
  • How can companies help employees feel safe and supported when returning to work?
  • How can companies communicate with employees both before and during their return to the workplace?
  • How can companies create a culture of recognition during this time of uncertainty
  • What does the employee experience look like in the future?