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  1. Loved the point about Employees as Cultural Abassadors. Wish more organisations would wake up to this sooner!

    “A highly engaged, well-compensated employee is a greater recruiting tool than any other used before, as they are not a faceless, monolithic, one-way source of knowledge, but rather an approachable source of “real” insight that candidates can engage with to get an honest look into the inner working of a given organization.”

    You hit the nail right on the head there 🙂

  2. To create an employee-centric work environment, the first step is to analyze employee engagement. I agree there are a number of solutions on the market focused on improving employee engagement moreover online survey tools like survey monkey, sogosurvey, qualtrics, etc., offer a complete solution together with their reporting and analytics tools as well as third-party API integrations. These tools prove to be of great help for emerging employee-centric organizations and by evaluating the results from these tools you can report the complete failings instantly.

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