How to Foster Culture Continuity During the 3 Phases of Crisis Recovery

Estimates of COVID-related revenue losses range from the billions to trillions of dollars by the end of this year alone. The question is no longer whether there will be a recession, but rather, how long it will last.

Although there’s little you can do to influence the macro-level conditions of the economy, there are things HR can do to optimize organizational culture and employee performance as we brace ourselves for what’s next.

As revenue shrinks (or in some cases, disappears), HR practitioners across all sectors will be forced to do more with less: quicker, smarter.

Join Achiever’s Chief Customer Officer, Vanessa Brangwyn, and Employee Engagement Evangelist, Brie Harvey for an exclusive SHRM webcast as they explore practical solutions rooted in research to influence employee motivation and the right kind of performance.

We’ll examine:

  • The three phases of recovery and why reframing them through the lens of Maslowe’s Hierarchy of Needs can help leaders strengthen their understanding of the employee experience 
  • Why it’s critical to distinguish between the two types of employee performance during disruptive conditions 
  • What “Culture Continuity” is, why it matters right now and the roadmap to get there

As a participant, you’ll “walk” away from this workshop with:


  • Key questions you should be asking about your unique organizations as an HR Leaders
  • A step-by-step checklist to start maximizing employee and business performance today