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Caitlin Nobes is the Content Marketing Manager for Achievers Workforce Institute. She started her career as a journalist and HR reporter before moving into marketing and communications, continuing to specialize in the HR space. She is passionate about data-driven content to give readers new insights and best practices based in science. Connect with Caitlin on LinkedIn. Achievers’ employee voice and recognition solutions bring your organization’s values and strategy to life. Activate employee participation and fuel a culture of performance to experience data-driven business results. To learn more, visit

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  • Workforce Institute HR Preparedness Report

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    According to new research from Achievers Workforce Institute (AWI), 77% of HR leaders are concerned about a pending recession, but just 26% of respondents say...

  • Three steps to recession-proof your teams

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    77% of HR leaders are worried about a coming recession and 85% are already taking action to prepare. So what can HR leaders do to...

  • Top outcomes of a robust recognition program

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    For Total Rewards leaders the ultimate goal is to find the right strategy to drive employee productivity, retention, and attraction. One often overlooked tool is...

  • CHROs: 4 ways to drive productivity

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    Asked how they were preparing for a possible recession, the #1 answer from HR leaders was initiatives to increase productivity. But saying it doesn’t make...

  • Engaging offline workers

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    Offline workers have the same needs as online workers but are often underserved when it comes to tools and processes that drive belonging and engagement. From...

  • Missing in Action: Recognition for offline workers

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    Are your offline workers missing a crucial engagement and retention tool? Offline workers rate recognition just as highly as online workers, but are much less likely...

  • Is the C-suite’s attitude to remote work driving employees away?

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    What’s driving your employees away? How can you engage and retain your workforce? Retention of top talent has never been more important as we grapple with...

  • 2022 Culture Report: The Tech-Enabled Employee Experience

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    The world of work has changed. From the great resignation to the remote revolution, employees are making their voices heard and they’re no longer willing...

  • The Great Resignation or the Great Regret?

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    The last two years has seen unprecedented turnover, but how do employees feel about the moves they’ve made? The latest research from Achievers Workforce Institute, based...

  • 9 features of an effective recognition program

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    What do more than 1,500 HR leaders have to say about what makes a recognition program effective? Based on the 2022 State of Recognition report, this...