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Neil Loknath is a Sr. Engineering Manager at Achievers leading the two amazing development teams responsible for the company’s Android & iOS Mobile apps and Employee Engagement products. The teams he manages value his approachable demeanor and attention to detail. Starting as a Senior Mobile Developer, Neil was part of the team that initially delivered the Mobile Web version of the Achievers platform on Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows platforms. As the manager of the Mobile team, Neil doubled the size of the team and established Jenks CI environment for Android & iOS. Now, he is also managing the Listen team as they create a completely new platform for Employee Engagement.

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  • The Perks In A Great Development Culture

    /in Blog/by Neil Lokanth

    What makes a great development culture? Free drinks? Free breakfast? Every day happy hour? Sure, those things are attractive. But, cool perks are par for...

  • Realtime Blurring on iOS

    /in Blog/by Neil Lokanth

    From bokeh to that fancy iOS Control Center overlay, blurry backgrounds just look cool. Unfortunately, programmatically blurring things is an expensive operation. It’s a convoluted...