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Tamra Chandler

Tamra is a nationally recognized thought leader, author, and speaker. She’s spent the majority of her career thinking about people, researching how they’re motivated, and developing new and effective ways for organizations to achieve the ultimate win-win: inspired people driving inspiring performance. Tamra brings more than thirty years of experience in strategically partnering with organizations across industries on varied and complex business transformation projects to her role as EY Americas People Advisory Services Leader, Principal. Her down-to-earth, results-driven approach emphasizes the human element of organizations and an unwavering focus on the larger picture. Prior to joining EY, Tamra was the CEO and co-founder of PeopleFirm, one of Washington State’s fastest-growing businesses and most successful women-owned firms. Prior to founding PeopleFirm, Tamra served as Arthur Andersen Business Consulting’s Managing Partner for the Pacific Northwest practice, and as the executive in charge of People and Solutions at Hitachi Consulting. She was one of four executives accountable for the performance of Hitachi’s global consulting business. In 2016, she wrote the acclaimed book How Performance Management is Killing Performance — and What to Do About It. Her second book, Feedback (and Other Dirty Words): Why We Fear It, How to Fix It was published in June 2019.

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