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New Relic launches a recognition program to connect and celebrate employees globally

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Topics Covered:

Rewards and recognition

New Relic‘s Achievers employee recognition program, Relicnition, launched to over 2,300 employees across 19 countries. The San Francisco-based observability company empowers engineers with a data-driven approach to planning, building, deploying, and running great software.

What was the most important to you in an employee recognition program?

  • Be accessible to our entire global employee population
  • Ensure visibility of work regardless of location
  • Connect employees across multiple countries
  • Offer a fun and accessible way for employees to connect with each other by sharing wins
  • Support our high performers through recognition

What are some unique ways you’re using your Achievers program?

We are exploring ways to evaluate how the use of Relicnition correlates with trends around hybrid work.

We use our Achievers program to reinforce our five core values and increase visibility of the values in a primarily remote workplace, helping to reinforce a shared culture. With fewer people experiencing our physical offices, it’s increasingly important to showcase our values in digital spaces like Relicnition.

What are your favorite features of your Achievers program?

  • Accessibility: Achievers allows for democratic access to connection and celebration
  • Connection: the ability to boost recognitions and milestones helps foster a supportive workplace
  • Visibility: managers can see who and what is being celebrated for which projects, and those insights provide leadership with a unique view into work that’s happening across multiple teams and regions
  • Inclusivity: the global nature of our Achievers program means that every employee has access to Relicnition, regardless of location – that’s especially important to our company since our workforce spans multiple countries
  • Reinforcement of our values: being able to tie recognitions to our core values helps reinforce key behaviors that are essential to our success as a business. With so many remote and global workers, we can rely on Relicnition to highlight company values and associated desirable behaviors.

We have also created special badges to reinforce employee experience campaigns. For example, for our Career Week in 2022, we created a “grow your career” badge and encouraged employees to recognize peers or managers who had helped them to develop new skills or gain new experiences.

Interested in what other organizations like New Relic are doing to drive their employee recognition program? Schedule a chat today.

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With Achievers, we are confident that every employee has the opportunity to celebrate other people and be celebrated themselves. It requires very little effort once the program is set up, as the monthly reporting and life event celebrations remind users to log in on a regular basis. Recognition is a key pillar of our employee experience strategy, enhancing belonging as well as growth and impact. Every time we report on employee engagement, there’s a call to action around recognition. Achievers has made it really easy to recognize our employees, and easy for us to see the activity.

Marca Clark

Senior Director, Talent and Organizatonal Development - New Relic


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