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Strategically Empowering Employee Wellbeing and Belonging

In the past year, belonging at work has become an increasingly popular topic of conversation for HR and business leaders. In fact, it ranked as a top topic on the Deloitte 2020 Global Human Capital Trends survey, with 79% of organizations considering it important for their success.

The problem is, just one in five employees feels a strong sense of wellbeing at work. With the ‘Great Resignation’ still in its infancy, what can we do today to ensure we build incredible teams rooted in belonging and wellness for the months and years to come?

In this fun, engaging, and insight-filled webinar, you’ll hear from workplace expert Eric Termuende as he shares incredible findings from the Achievers Workforce Institute Culture Report on Belonging at Work. He’ll share insightful actions that can be done budget-free and immediately.

Join us to learn:

  • The risks to employers from low wellbeing and high stress
  • How to fix the HR-employee disconnect
  • The close relationship between wellbeing and retention
  • The important role of recognition as a protective factor


Eric Termuende
Eric Termuende

Author, HR Expert and Co-Founder, NoW of Work Inc.


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