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The Evolution of Connection and Need for Belonging

Just over 300 years ago, 98% of people globally were somehow involved in the production of food. Today, about 2-3% of the population is involved in that same practice, yet we produce more food than we ever have before. In that time, how we work, where we work, when we work, and even why we work has changed significantly. When we look just a few generations back, how we socialized and communicated looked a lot different; we didn’t have thousands of followers on line, we may have only had a few great friends.

Fast forward to the workplace today and think of the apps, tools, and technology we use to communicate. While we may be more 'connected’ than we have been before, studies show that we have never been more alone than we are now.

Join us to learn:

  • The evolution of communication
  • How to enable people to be their best because they want to be and don’t feel pressured to be
  • How to reverse the 'disconnection' trend we’re experiencing


Eric Termuende
Eric Termuende

Author, HR Expert and Co-Founder, NoW of Work Inc.


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