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Empower Your Leaders
to be Better Recognizers

Although it’s widely established that effective manager recognition is both a predictor and key driver of employee turnover, engagement, and team performance, only a small percentage of organizations have a comprehensive strategy aimed at bridging the knowledge and skill gaps that prevent people leaders from getting employee recognition right.

Join Achievers’ Brie Harvey and Vanessa Brangwyn as they share science-backed insights for empowering managers in your organization to be more effective recognizers.

Join us to learn:

  • How to motivate leaders to better leverage recognition to improve their team’s engagement, retention, and performance
  • Real-world examples of manager recognition and employee engagement programs
  • Key considerations for measuring the success of manager recognition


Brie Harvey
Brie Harvey

Head of Market Research and Community, Achievers

Vanessa Brangwyn
Vanessa Brangwyn

Chief Customer Officer, Achievers


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