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Life after launch: How to Create Connection with your Recognition Program

COVID-19 was unprecedented and so will be the future of work. Keeping your workforce motivated, connected and engaged through high frequency recognition is now more important than ever.

You might be in different stages of your employee recognition journey, some of you might be still considering if this is for me, others might be getting ready for launch while some others might be wanting a reboot or refresh in their recognition efforts by investing in more technology.

Getting employees to adopt new technology platforms should be a no-brainer. With so much to gain, you would think that employees would embrace new tech like an office pet, but people are human, and humans are creatures of habit that attribute any change to ‘Work’. What starts out as a well-intentioned initiative can quickly fizzle out if not designed and launched effectively, leaving HR managers scratching their heads and wondering why the program launch didn’t work.

Join us to learn:

  • How to engage remote and offline audiences
  • Examples of organizations who have seen a high member uptake right after launch
  • The nuts and bolts of life after launch
  • Success stories of organizations who launched during the pandemic


Emma Harvie
Emma Harvie

Senior Manager of Customer Success, Achievers

Grant Ilsley
Grant Ilsley

Enterprise Account Executive, Achievers


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