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Liftoff: Launching a Recognition Program Without a Hitch

Nicolas Van Den Steen, Bridgestone and Bianca West, Achievers share the tools and strategies used by Achievers’ most successful customers to elevate their programmes from the outset to achieve desired business outcomes, including reduced attrition, increased sales, and unrivalled customer satisfaction. Are you ready for liftoff? Let's bring employee recognition to new heights together. Every company strives for a smooth recognition and engagement programme launch. Whether you're just beginning the launch process or simply looking to refresh your programme, learn from companies that recently joined the Achievers EMEA family and have seen instant success across their workforce. With a launch customer satisfaction score of 98%, Achievers has the expertise.

Join us to learn:

  • Their tried and tested launch methodology
  • Best practices from their successful 2018 global programme launch


Nicolas Van Den Steen
Nicolas Van Den Steen

HR Leader, Bridgestone

Bianca West
Bianca West

Head of Customer Success EMEA, Achievers


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