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Recognizing Employees in the Flow of Work to Boost Engagement and Connection

Employees don’t want to be switching between applications all day. Research from Harvard Business Review shows that employees lose 5 working weeks (9% of work time) annually due to toggling between apps.

Furthermore, data shows that more than half of employees want to recognize in the flow of work, rather than having to log in to a specific platform every time. Solutions that integrate with everyday work programs mean employees can recognize their peers where they already are.

Join Microsoft, Scotiabank, and Achievers in a panel discussion on maximizing employee engagement, strengthening culture, and building trust by leveraging Microsoft Teams with the Achievers for Microsoft Teams app.

Join us to learn:

  • New integration capabilities between Microsoft and Achievers that enable you to recognize employees in the flow of their work
  • Strategies for increasing connection, engagement, and productivity among dispersed workforces
  • How Scotiabank leverages the Achievers for Microsoft Teams app to collaborate and accelerate recognition


Angel Zhu
Angel Zhu

Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Katerin Juape
Katerin Juape

Director of Global Employee Recognition, Scotiabank

Boryana Marova
Boryana Marova

Director of Product Management, Achievers


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