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Surviving the Retail Apocalypse

For over ten years, widespread store closures have rattled the retail industry, with brick and mortar stores shuttering across the country.

Throughout this “retail apocalypse,” there are a few retail companies thriving under the pressure of adapting to new buying habits, particularly the shift toward online shopping.

What are these companies doing right that other retailers are failing to grasp?

In this webinar, we brought in experts from Achievers and the Director of Learning and Development at Coborn’s to show you how putting employee engagement at the center is crucial to your retail business’s growth strategy.

Learn how to leverage employee recognition to engage employees, motivate them to uphold company values, boost overall performance, and deliver first-rate customer service.

Join us to learn:

  • How employee engagement drives bottom-line growth in retail organizations
  • Simple ways to reach offline employees and track their engagement in real time
  • 3 best practices to architect and maintain an effective engagement program
  • How Coborn’s used employee recognition to drive engagement, impact turnover, and elevate its employer brand


Brie Harvey
Brie Harvey

Head of Market Research and Community, Achievers

Phoebe Licata
Phoebe Licata

Customer Success Manager, Achievers

Tara Gronhovd
Tara Gronhovd

Director of Learning and Development, Coborn's


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