The future of work is now: How to build resilience in the wake of COVID-19

Welcome to the future of work. Thanks to the seismic shifts brought on by COVID-19, we are working in an environment that we couldn’t have imaged 6 months ago.

Organizations everywhere are facing the new normal of having a disconnected front-line and remote workforce, shifting organizational priorities, and unprecedented engagement challenges.

Join Achievers CEO, Jeff Cates, and our CHRO guest panelists: Cecilia McKenney, SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer, Quest Diagnostics, as they discuss the topic: This IS the future of work: Building resiliency and supporting the new normal.

They’ll share their expert insights on:

•Learnings from early days in COVID-19 response strategies
•Supporting employees and building resiliency through unprecedented challenges
•Planning for the future in uncertain times
•Enabling leaders to build success with a disparate workforce