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2022 Engagement and Retention Report

5th Annual Engagement and Retention Report

Updated on February 7, 2022

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Attracting and retaining talent

Last year the Engagement and Retention report predicted the Great Resignation – what can you expect from 2022? Will high turnover continue?

This is truly an unprecedented time in global history to be leading an organization or heading up a people function. Between the ongoing pandemic, the Great Resignation, a worsening labor shortage and a workforce on the edge of burnout, the magnitude of the need to provide employees with support and safe passage through the turmoil around them is of epic proportions. It can feel nearly impossible to know where to invest, and where to prioritize limited time and resources.

This report, Achievers Workforce Institute’s fifth annual Engagement and Retention Report, provides you with the data, tools and recommended actions you need to determine your best steps forward to effectively navigate this moment in time and move the needle on retention and engagement.

Employee Engagement and Retention Reports



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