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  1. Thanks for the pointers of things to communicate to employees upon return to the physical workplace. Wow. There is so much to consider. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I work for the Food Lion, and when the pandemics started, they did this incredible thing for all the employees. You know, you usually need to log in when you start working and log out when you finish your day, as well as login / logout every time you take a break or have lunch. They tracked our working hours by worktime to get the correct billing. In March, they allowed us to skip this procedure while we were having a break or lunch. This means that every employee can earn 20% more. It’s a good incentive. I love that your article focuses more on boosting the morale of employees. I believe that it’s crucial to take care of your employees ‘ mental health.

    1. Thank you Jack for sharing your story! We completely agree it’s crucial to take care of employees’ mental health. Check out an article covering Mental Health at Work: Lean Into It: Also, here are Top 5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale:

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