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Discover the top employee rewards software platforms of 2024

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It’s no easy task filtering through the hundreds of employee rewards software platforms available in 2024. How do you know which is the right one for your organization? What features should you look out for? How do you know employees will find the rewards meaningful?

These are all great questions to ask. But before you get too far into the weeds, it’s important to understand why recognition matters in the first place — and where it can take your organization.

Employee rewards software: The future of employee recognition in 2024

Understanding the importance of employee rewards and recognition

Employee engagement goes beyond bean bag chairs and ping-pong tables. It even goes beyond just pay. Companies that prioritize frequent, meaningful recognition alongside personalized rewards see improvements to key areas of the business including, engagement, retention, sense of belonging, and overall better connection to team members.

Employee recognition is the number one driver of engagement. When combined with a global rewards marketplace, an employee rewards and recognition software solution becomes a powerful tool to motivate your workforce and boost morale.

The landscape of employee rewards software today

High inflationary pressures, the emergence of AI, return-to-office mandates, mental health – these are some of the many worries employees face in 2024.

For both the organization and the employee, monetary compensation will only go so far. Organizations need to look holistically at their total rewards and ensure they have a formal benefits strategy in place to address the current challenges.

Traditional rewards programs that are top-down, infrequent, and lack personalization are no longer effective in today’s landscape. Employee rewards software needs to offer a customized, automated, and modern employee experience to effectively engage the workforce.

Evaluating the top 15 employee rewards platforms for 2024

Get a deeper understanding of how to evaluate and choose a platform that’s right for your organization with insights into our curated list of the top 15 employee rewards software platforms of 2024:

  1. Achievers
  2. Motivosity
  3. Assembly
  4. Bucketlist
  5. Cooleaf
  6. Vantage Circle
  7. Mo
  8. Worktango
  9. Terryberry
  10. Nectar
  11. Guusto
  12. HubEngage
  13. Empuls
  14. Kudoboard
  15. Recognize


1. Achievers

Achievers employee rewards software screenshot

Achievers is an award-winning employee rewards software that drives engagement through frequent recognition and a global rewards marketplace. Its powerful, modern platform has the highest active usage in the industry with users being 4x more likely to send multiple recognitions per month on the Achievers platform compared to other providers.

The Achievers employee rewards software platform is points-based, allowing employees the ability to earn and save points to redeem from an extensive global marketplace. The rewards marketplace is one of the most extensive in the industry as employees can redeem points for essentially anything they can think of.

Recognizing and redeeming rewards is simple no matter where or how your employees work — whether they’re at their desk, remote, or on-the-go. By tying recognition points to rewards, it helps reinforce the behaviors that matter most to your organization.

Key features:

  • Rewards marketplace of 3M+ reward options and 2,500 global brands
  • Vast reward options including merchandise, gift cards, charitable donations, experiences, concierge service, and more
  • Available in ~190 countries in 29+ languages
  • Local fulfillment partners around the world
  • Always-on mobile and desktop access
  • Integrates with common work apps like Zoom, MS Teams and leading HRIS like Workday, UKG Pro, and more

Key benefits:

  • Customers using the Achievers platform are 2.5x more likely to see employee retention than customers of other providers
  • Customers using the Achievers platform are 36% more likely to see an increase in employee engagement than customers of other providers
  • Employees who have an expansive reward marketplace to use their points are 75% more likely to feel more productive at work

2. Motivosity

Motivosity employee rewards software platform

Motivosity is a recognition and rewards platform that helps create employee connections through monetary and social recognition and a rewards marketplace. Employees can choose from a customizable company store with hundreds of reward options. Motivosity also offers a ThanksMatters Card — a Visa Card that allows employees to transfer their points for dollars so they can use at any place that accepts Visa cards.

Key features:

  • Customizable company store
  • Hundreds of reward options
  • ThanksMatters Visa Card

Key benefit:

  • Flexibility to use their exclusive ThanksMatters Visa card that can be used any place that accepts Visa

3. Assembly

Assembly employee rewards software platform

Assembly is an all-in-one platform that allows employees to recognize, celebrate achievements, and redeem rewards. There are thousands of gift cards, charities, and personalized culture rewards that employees can choose from. Employees also get access to free discounts from popular retailers.

Key features:

  • Thousands of gift cards, charities, and personalized culture reward options
  • Option to redeem for a Visa Prepaid Card
  • Partnership with to offer discounts

Key benefit:

  • Access to thousands of reward options plus various popular retailer discounts

4. Bucketlist

Bucketlist employee rewards software platform

Bucketlist is a recognition and reward solution that comes with tools to appreciate and inspire your workforce. The Bucketlist rewards program has over 4,000 options allowing organizations to design and customize rewards, experiences, and other offerings based on their culture and budget.

Key features:

  • Over 4,000 reward options
  • Local and global reward options
  • Custom experiences, gift cards, donations, and more

Key benefit:

  • Easy-to-use platform that allows for complete customization based on your needs

5. Cooleaf

Cooleaf employee rewards software platform

Cooleaf is an employee experience platform designed to engage the workforce through tools like team recognition, rewards programs, employee programs, and pulse surveys. With a variety of reward options, employees can redeem for international gift cards, branded merchandise, high-end products, and more. Gift cards to major retailers like Amazon, Target, and Apple are some of Cooleaf’s more popular reward options.

Key features:

  • International gift card options, branded merchandise, and more
  • A wide variety of gift card options from major retailers
  • Part of an all-in-one employee experience platform

Key benefit:

  • Part of a bigger employee experience platform to consolidate multiple tools

6. Vantage Circle

Vantage Circle employee rewards software platform

Vantage Circle is a mobile-friendly recognition and rewards platform that lets employees appreciate each other with both monetary and non-monetary recognition. Points can be attached to recognitions, awards, and anniversaries which employees can then redeem on the Amazon Store.

Key features:

  • Access to Amazon Store
  • No mark up on gift cards
  • Available in 16+ languages

Key benefit:

  • Ability to serve larger, global companies in over 100 countries

7. Mo

Mo Work employee rewards software platform

Mo leverages peer-to-peer recognition configured to company values to reward employees. With a simple rewards credit system, employees can choose from a large variety of gift cards from notable brands like Airbnb, Starbucks, Nike, and more. Companies can even create and customize their own rewards store.

Key features:

  • Simple employee rewards credit system
  • Large variety of gift card options from notable brands
  • Customizable rewards store

Key benefit:

  • Budget ‘spending pots’ to control how you spend your rewards budget

8. Worktango

Worktango employee rewards software platform

Worktango combines their two main offerings, recognition and rewards, with surveys and insights to create a unified employee experience. Their point-based system empowers employees with a vast array of reward options, including global, local, and digital choices. Companies can also get creative and include zero-cost rewards like one-on-one mentorship with the CEO.

Key features:

  • Rewards redemption reports and budgeting tools
  • Ability to create custom catalogs
  • Option to create zero-cost rewards

Key benefit:

  • A comprehensive platform that includes feedback, surveys, incentives, and more on top of recognition and rewards

9. Terryberry

Terryberry employee rewards software platform

The Terryberry employee reward platform includes offerings from thousands of top brands, travel experiences, and charitable gifts. Their DreamTracker feature lets employees set goals and track progress for specific items. The reward platform integrates with Terryberry’s other reward and recognition programs like milestones, service awards, employee incentive rewards, and business gifts.

Key features:

  • DreamTracker feature allows employees to set goals for desired items
  • International fulfillment
  • Dedicated customer success team

Key benefit:

  • A strong focus on employee wellness that ties into their platform tools

10. Nectar

Nectar employee rewards software platform

Nectar is an employee reward software consisting of five reward options, including an Amazon integration, catalog of gift cards, branded company swag, charity donations, and custom rewards. On top of these reward options, employees get access to discounts (no points required) to businesses in their area.

Key features:

  • Amazon integration
  • Catalog of gift cards
  • Custom rewards

Key benefit:

  • Recognitions are tied to company core values to help reinforce desired behaviors

11. Guusto

Guusto employee rewards software platform

Guusto is a recognition and rewards solution with an emphasis on frontline workers. Unlike many other employee rewards platforms, Guusto does not use a point system, nor do they have a product catalog. Instead, recipients choose from partner merchants to redeem their gift of choice.

Key features:

  • Choose from 60,000+ merchants
  • Ability to combine gifts for higher value rewards
  • Prepaid Mastercards option

Key benefit:

  • A platform that is catered to frontline workers allowing them to recognize on-the-go

12. HubEngage

Hubengage employee rewards software platform

HubEngage is a platform that allows you to award points for both employee achievements and participation. Employees can redeem their earned points for a variety of rewards, including gift cards directly on the HubEngage platform or other rewards through a connected provider of choice.

Key features:

  • Points-based recognitions
  • Catalog of gift cards for employees to redeem
  • Points for participation to engage employees

Key benefit:

  • Companies can pick and choose different tools based on their size and needs

13. Empuls

Empuls employee rewards software platform

The Empuls employee rewards software is part of their larger employee engagement platform. The rewards marketplace offers a diverse selection, including a catalog of gift cards, API integration with Amazon for more tangible rewards, prepaid cards, customizable company swag, and more. Companies can tailor their reward brands and categories to align with their unique goals and strategy.

Key features:

  • API integration with Amazon for Business
  • 8,000+ brand gift cards across 100+ countries
  • Prepaid card options with Mastercard or Visa

Key benefit:

  • Employees get to choose from a large, global rewards marketplace

14. Kudoboard

Kudoboard Employee Rewards Software Platform

Kudoboard is a unique and fun way to recognize and celebrate your colleagues through online group cards. When you send a group card, you can attach a gift card to make it even more special for the recipient. Kudoboard displays relevant gift cards to the recipient based on where they are located.

Key features:

  • Over 150 currencies for gift card redemptions
  • Gift card options include Amazon, prepaid Visa, or charity donations
  • Printable group cards with shipping to U.S. or internationally

Key benefit:

  • Unique, niche way to engage your workforce with the option to gift physical cards

15. Recognize

Recognizeapp employee rewards software platform

Recognize streamlines employee rewards and offers a suite of options, including integration with Amazon Business, gift cards in 70 countries, as well as capabilities to bring in your swag provider to reward and engage employees. You only pay when employees redeem rewards minimizing upfront costs. Track which rewards are the most popular and see which employees are the top redeemers with built-in reporting and analytics.

Key features:

  • International gift cards in 70 countries
  • API integration with Amazon Business
  • No mark ups on rewards

Key benefit:

  • Rewards in 70 countries with ability to track employee redemption history

Best employee rewards software for personalized recognition at scale

The ‘must-haves’ of an employee rewards software

Now that we’ve narrowed down the top 15 employee rewards software, let’s summarize and point out some of the key ‘must-have’ features.

  • User-friendly interface: Employees should be able to quickly figure out how to send recognitions and redeem rewards through a social feed that they would be familiar with
  • Mobile-friendly for frontline staff: Frontline staff and those who don’t work at desks should be able to recognize and redeem rewards on-the-go
  • Personalized rewards: Employees should have access to a vast and robust rewards marketplace so they can pick rewards that’s meaningful to them
  • Recognizing in the flow-of-work: Instead of switching between apps, employees should be able to easily recognize in the workplace tools they already use (i.e., email, chat, video calls, etc.)

The features that make it the best

Most of the modern employee rewards platforms will have the ‘must-haves’ mentioned above. But not all platforms are made equal. Here are some of the extra bonus features that put an employee rewards platform above the rest:

  • High-frequency recognition: It sounds obvious, but you want a solution that has a track record of not only high adoption, but high active usage through frequent recognitions
  • Integrates with HRIS providers: Look for a solution that has integration capabilities or certified partnerships with leading HRIS providers so you can maintain data consistency between the two platforms
  • Global rewards marketplace: Having a global rewards marketplace with local fulfillment networks around the world will ensure employees get the rewards they want quickly and without delay

Impact on employee engagement and company culture

All the features in the world do no good if it doesn’t impact your business. The best employee rewards software should not only have all the features you need, but a proven track record of boosting employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Employees who have an expansive rewards marketplace to use their points are:

  • 120% more likely to have a stronger sense of belonging at work
  • 75% more likely to feel most productive at work
  • 70% more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work

Why peer-to-peer recognition matters for employee rewards platforms

Exploring the benefits of peer-to-peer acknowledgment

No one understands your day-to-day challenges better than your colleagues. That’s why peer-to-peer recognition can be so powerful. It fuels improvements across nearly every business metric, from employee engagement and well-being to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives, even leading to reductions in turnover. In fact, 28% of employees say feedback peer-to-peer feedback has the most impact on their feelings of acknowledgment at work.

Platform reviews and their approach to peer recognition

Platform review sites like G2 or Capterra offer valuable insights into different recognition software options. These sites highlight features, compare pros and cons, and most importantly, include user reviews. While all platforms may offer peer-to-peer recognition, user reviews reveal real-life cases on what’s working and what’s not working. Ultimately, platform reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt as users may have individual preferences and biases.

Ideal employee rewards software for enhanced productivity

How productivity aligns with employee recognition

We’ve said it before, and it’s worth repeating: employee recognition drives business results. And a key area it impacts is employee productivity.

When employees are recognized for their contributions, they feel valued and appreciated, leading to improved performance. In fact, employees who receive recognitions at least once a month are 15% more likely to say they are most productive compared to those who only receive one or less recognitions in a year.

Software options that automate and encourage productive behaviors

Having a strong culture of recognition directly ties into productivity. Employees who report that their organization has a strong culture of recognition are 2.5x more likely to say they are their most productive selves at work.

Effective recognition programs require innovative solutions and technology to reach a diverse and global workforce. A modern employee rewards and recognition software should automate key areas of the program including the recognition and reward redemption process, employee feedback, service anniversaries, integrations, and reporting.

Employee rewards platforms that integrate company core values

The connection between rewards and organizational values

Organizational values are the guiding principles that shape every employee’s behavior. Aligning employees to these core values is essential for business success. That’s why it’s so concerning when only one in 10 human resources leaders believe that 80% or more of their company’s employees can recite its core values.

Tying recognition to core values offers a powerful solution. When employees are recognized for behaviors that exemplify your values, it motivates them to continue acting in that way. Personalized rewards further incentivize these desired behaviors, while simultaneously fostering a sense of value and belonging among employees.

Platforms that seamlessly weave values into recognition processes

Choosing a rewards software solution that integrates with your organizational values is crucial. Ideally, the platform should encourage specific, timely recognitions linked to your core values. When recognition is visible company-wide, it reinforces the values not only for the recipient but for the entire organization.

Employee rewards software for a positive work environment

Case studies on workplace transformation through recognition

While improved productivity, retention, and engagement are tangible benefits of recognition programs, the real power lies in the stories of workplace transformation they inspire.

Consider General Motors (GM), a global automotive company with over 160,000 employees in 26 countries. Aligning such a massive workforce with GM’s core values can be a significant challenge. However, by implementing a recognition program powered by Achievers, employees felt their contributions were valued not just by leaders, but also by their colleagues. This fostered a more connected and motivated work environment.

When I get a recognition, I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. I feel that not only have my leaders recognized my efforts, my peers have as well.

— TONY METZGER, IT Business Analyst/Project Manager, General Motors

 Software features that foster a supportive atmosphere

Here are some additional software features that can help in building a better workplace culture:

  • Company-branded swag store
  • Employee feedback tools
  • Health and wellness reward options (i.e., wellness prepaid card, mindfulness services, etc.)
  • Social responsibility, employee safety, wellness campaign templates
  • Online connection and communication tools
  • Automated celebration cards for years of service, anniversary, and other milestones

Leveraging employee rewards platforms for remote teams

Challenges and solutions for dispersed team recognition

Remote teams lack the daily, in-person interactions that can make recognizing achievements natural for office workers. This reduced visibility can lead to missed opportunities for acknowledging great work.

Employee rewards platforms bridge this gap for remote teams. They provide a centralized and automated way to recognize peers, regardless of location. A reward platform can also offer localized rewards, tailored to the unique culture and preferences of individual employees. This personalization fosters a sense of connection and value for their contributions.

 Software capabilities adaptable to remote work

If you’re wanting to engage your remote workforce, make sure you look for these software capabilities:

  • Desktop and mobile-friendly platform
  • Public, company-wide recognition feed
  • Digital connection and networking tools
  • Employee mindfulness training and resources
  • Employee feedback tools

How do you create an employee rewards program?

The key steps to building an employee rewards program involve designing the program, introducing the new program, measuring results, and finding the right program. Read our blog, How to build an employee recognition program, to get step-by-step examples of how to build successful programs.

Selection process: Choosing the right employee rewards platform for your company

The essential checklist for HR managers

To help you choose the right employee rewards platform for your company, we’ve highlighted key features to look for in your search. For a fuller, more detailed buyer’s guide, make sure you download our HR Strategist’s 3-Part Guide to Purchasing a Recognition and Rewards Solution.

These are some of the features you should keep in mind when selecting your rewards platform:

  • Points-based recognition
  • High-frequency recognition
  • Company-wide recognition newsfeed
  • Diverse and expansive rewards catalog
  • Local rewards fulfillment
  • Swag store option
  • Budgeting
  • Mobile-friendly platform for frontline and deskless workers
  • 24-hour customer support in multiple languages across the world
  • Workplace app integrations (i.e., MS Teams, Zoom, Slack, etc.)
  • Common HRIS integrations (i.e., Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, UKG, etc.)
  • Benchmarking data & real-time reporting

Decision-making based on feature comparisons and trial experiences

There’s a lot of features to sift through in modern employee rewards software. To avoid getting bogged down, prioritize your company’s overall objectives. Never lose sight of these goals when evaluating different vendors.

Trial experiences will give you a small sample of whether it’s user-friendly and intuitive. But even above trial periods, focus on questions that reveal the business impact of the software.

For example, ask vendors about their platform’s adoption rate and active usage rate. Since recognition is the key driver of engagement, productivity, and retention, understanding the provider’s track record with recognition frequency is crucial.

Final thoughts on employee recognition platforms for enhanced organizational health

The fundamental human need for appreciation, visibility, and value remains constant, but the way we work and connect has changed. Traditional methods of recognition and rewards may no longer be feasible or impactful for a diverse and geographically dispersed workforce.

As we look ahead in the rewards software space, organizations will need to consider creative approaches to building thriving workplace culture through more frequent, more meaningful recognition and rewards. Recognition and rewards platforms will continue to play a key role in building this culture as it solves challenges of creating a more holistic and personalized employee experience at scale.

The Achievers Employee Experience Platform helps organizations build a culture of belonging through high-frequency recognition and meaningful rewards. With the highest active usage platform in the industry, our solution drives business results like retention, productivity, and engagement. To learn more about Achievers, visit our website or browse our extensive resources library and employee engagement blog.

*Information and pricing in this blog post was sourced from each vendors website

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