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How to Find the Right Social Employee Recognition Solution

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Social employee recognition — done right — is today’s must-have for business. Social employee recognition systems appear on Gartner’s Hype Cycle, climbing the curve to become a standard business system — but how do you choose the right system? It’s a choice that comes with very high stakes. Pick the wrong partner and you not only risk throwing your money to the wind; you could also alienate your entire workforce. Ouch.

Let’s consider what to look for to better your chances of finding the right fit when it comes to social employee recognition solutions.

1. Find the right partner

It starts with finding a partner. This means the people and services that stand behind the solution. Ultimately, a platform is only as good as the people who bring it to life. The success of your employee recognition program hinges on the support and expertise your vendor provides.

2. Pick the best social employee recognition platform

A platform: The core technology system that your employee recognition program will run on. Enterprise platforms – rather than a mobile-only solution for example – give you the place to consolidate all of your employee programs and get visibility and control over program spend. Platforms that offer an API enable you to integrate the solution with other enterprise applications. It’s a great opportunity to keep employees productive by having recognition right within their flow of work and enables you to bring your workforce data together, ultimately getting more value out of your investment in each application.

3. Create your own unique program

It’s important to have the ability to create your own unique program. Getting results relies on how well the set of features and functions you’ll be using can be tailored to the culture and objectives you’re targeting.  It might go without saying, but social employee recognition tools need to be front and center.

social employee recognition solution

Recognition tools to look for

Keep an eye out for some of essential social employee recognition features you need to ensure your program will be successful. Get a better understanding of what you need to consider in order to find the right employee recognition solution for your organization with our “Buyer’s Guide to Recognition Software.”

To learn more about the ROI of investing in social recognition technology, access our free webinar now.

The ROI of Investing in Social Recognition Technology


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