Achievers Introduces Employee Connections to Strengthen Workplace Networks

Employee Connections supports employee pairing to recreate water cooler conversations and informal coffee chats in any work environment

Toronto, ON, March 23, 2022 – Achievers, a global leader in employee experience solutions, announced the launch of Employee Connections to create opportunities for employees to connect across job levels and build a strong sense of belonging in the workplace. Employee Connections works by pairing employees, who normally would not interact, to meet virtually or in-person to get to know one another and their roles in the company. Offered as an add on to the Achievers Employee Experience Platform™, it can be configured to drive specific organizational objectives like reduce turnover, improve onboarding, or promote cross-functional collaboration across geographies.

The shift to remote and hybrid work environments has made connecting with colleagues outside of the immediate work circle more difficult. According to the recent 2022 Engagement and Retention Report from the Achievers Workforce Institute, 48% of employees reported feeling less connected with their company or colleagues since the start of the pandemic. With retention being a top priority amid year two of the ‘Great Resignation,’ organizations must find solutions that deepen social connections, improve job satisfaction, and build psychological safety – all of which are proven drivers of organizational commitment.

“Given that the workplace is one of the most important social systems for individuals after family and friends, organizations must do more to support employees if they want to differentiate their employer brand in this competitive market,” says Jeff Cates, CEO of Achievers. “With employee attrition at an all-time high and unemployment at a 50-year low, this is a clear sign that companies need to focus more on the employee experience. Combining that with the challenge of creating personal connections in remote environments, there is no better time than now for a product like Employee Connections.”

Employee Connections was inspired by customer conversations and beta tested by 37 organizations across multiple industries, including financial services, manufacturing, and retail. A world-leading multinational food company was the first to pilot Achievers’ Employee Connections feature with its US-based employees. Of the employees who participated:

  • 100% reported that they found their Connections round useful
  • 98% reported wanting to go for another
  • 93% reported having never spoken to their partner before

For this customer, the Achievers platform has become an integral aspect of their company culture, with an average of 95% of employees having activated their account and 74% logging into the platform each month.

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