The HR Strategist’s 3-Part Recognition and Rewards Buyer’s Guide

Choose the perfect recognition and rewards solution for your company

Find out the top 3 reasons for investing in R&R technology. Discover the ‘must-have’ capabilities for any recognition platform. And learn how to select the best partner for your organization. 

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Includes a 50-point checklist for evaluating recognition software and interview questions for solution providers 

// part one

The top 3 reasons why you need a recognition and rewards solution

Before you buy, get buy-in. Demonstrate to your organization’s decision makers that R&R technology builds culture and drives business outcomes. 

Reason #1

Technology solves common recognition problems

Address common recognition problems like the administrative burden of running a large-scale program, linking employee recognition and rewards to financial goals, and broader cultural issues with R&R technology. 

Reason #2

Technology keeps your recognition and rewards program high impact

Your recognition program is only effective if your employees participate. The right technology encourages employees to recognize frequently, helping boost engagement, retention, and productivity.

Reason #3

Technology ensures no employee is excluded

Not every employee works at a desk. Front-line workers in customer service, manufacturing, or healthcare roles often face burnout and disengagement. An intuitive, mobile-first solution gives these offline workers opportunities to recognize and redeem rewards wherever they are at.

// part two

The HR strategists’ guide to purchasing a recognition and rewards solution

It can be overwhelming keeping track of all the providers, technology, and solutions available on the market. That’s why we’ve simplified your purchasing process by giving you ‘must-haves’ to look for when evaluating an R&R platform. 

Buyer's Guide image

Uncover the complete list of ‘must-haves’ and get the full 50-point checklist along with interview questions for solution providers by downloading the complete buyer’s guide.

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Must-have #1

Highly technical capabilities

The best recognition and rewards platform will do no good if it doesn’t fit well into your existing HR-tech ecosystem.

Choose a platform with technical capabilities like: 

Integrating with popular workplace systems like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google

Open API, a standard format for cross-application integrations

Single sign-on (SSO) feature to allow staff access to important HR systems at once

And more. Discover all the capabilities you need in the full guide.

Must-have #2

HR strategy capabilities

Look for platforms with capabilities that will save your HR department time
and money like: 

Automation of basic requirements like employee benefit reporting to payroll

Benchmarking data so you can set realistic program goals based on
industry average

Chatbots, an always-on feedback mechanism to engage your employees

And more. Discover all the capabilities you need in the full guide.

Must-have #3

R&R administration capabilities

Capabilities that will make reaching R&R administration’s goals and
success like: 

Announcements that help you share important news directly on the platform

Awards module giving you a simple approval process when employees nominate
their peers

Setting and tracking budget for reward spend for your program

And more. Discover all the capabilities you need in the full guide.

Must-have #4

Cultural and social capabilities

Capabilities that help foster a better culture for your employees like: 

Frequent recognitions that tie to your business core values and behaviors

Personalized newsfeed of recognitions and events most relevant to your employee

Employee profile pages allowing employees to freely express their identity

And more. Discover all the capabilities you need in the full guide.

// Part three

Going beyond the platform features

A successful recognition and rewards program is more than just picking the best platform. Discover the X factor(s) you need to know to make a program successful.

x Factor #1


Success is a partnership. Throughout the entire program journey – from technical preparation to launch to onboarding and beyond – you want exceptional customer support to ensure you meet your program goals. 

x Factor #2

The employee experience 

Find out the track record of the R&R provider. An R&R provider should be able to demonstrate high customer satisfaction, high adoption and recognition frequency rates, a global experience that is culturally and contextually relevant to all your employees, and more. 

x Factor #3

Building culture with communication 

How does the recognition solution foster employee connection?
A unified recognition platform can be the key communication channel that helps foster relationship building among employees, building a culture of belonging. 

x Factor #4

Configuration flexibility 

Every business has its own unique needs. An effective recognition program will utilize benchmarks and best practices as a starting point, and cater the program and service model to your specific program goals. 

x Factor #5

Thought leadership and innovation 

The R&R partner you choose should always be at the forefront of current employee engagement trends, benchmarking data, and best practices. As your business evolves, the provider should be able to offer you innovative solutions underpinned by workforce science. 

Get the entire list of X factors

to ensure you set your program up for success by downloading the full guide. 

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We’ve made
your R&R buying process easy 

Get the full, detailed 3-part recognition and rewards buyer’s guide. The download includes two bonus takeaway tools to help you make the most informed decision:

A 50-point checklist for evaluating recognition software

Interview questions for screening potential solution providers

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