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How to Engage and Retain an Evolving Workforce

Between the Great Resignation, a worsening labor shortage, and a workforce coast-to-coast that is exhausted coming out of a pandemic, employees are on the edge of burnout and the time to act is now. But as hybrid working best-practices are still being discovered, and uncertainty and change linger forever on the horizon, what steps can we take today to ensure our people are feeling safe, respected, and that their work matters?

Hear from workplace culture expert, Eric Termuende, as he partners with Achievers Workforce Institute to share the 2022 Engagement and Retention Report. This actionable webinar will provide you with the data, tools, and recommended actions you need to determine your best steps forward to navigate this moment in time and move the needle on retention and engagement.

Join us to learn:

  • The five keys to recognition
  • How to boost belonging across the team
  • The foundation of engagement and how to start boosting it today
  • Five myths of recognition and how to enable your employees to buy-in


Eric Termuende
Eric Termuende

Author, HR Expert and Co-Founder, NoW of Work Inc.


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