Achievers and Contemporary Leadership Advisors (CLA) Announce Partnership to Activate Tech-Enabled Employee Experience

First joint Achievers and CLA webinar on connection to feature executives from Visa and Zoom

TORONTO & NEW YORK, July 20, 2022 – Achievers, an industry-leading employee experience software platform, and Contemporary Leadership Advisors (CLA), a firm of behavioral scientists and business experts who help develop leaders and build adaptive organizations, today announce their partnership to help organizations activate a tech-enabled employee experience to increase retention and engagement.

Together, both organizations are committed to mobilizing research and the science of belonging to make an empowering connection amidst the unpredictability of the great resignation, a potential global recession, and a growing digital divide.

On July 27th, Achievers and CLA will present a webinar titled “Connection: The Glue Solidifying the Future of Work” that will focus on how organizations can provide an experience of connection to strengthen relationships and boost engagement in this new era of work. The speakers include Jodi Rabinowitz, Head of Talent and Organizational Development at Zoom, Melanie Staff-Parsons, Global Head of Executive Talent Management at Visa, Neil Bryson, President at HiringSolved, Steve Garcia, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at CLA. The webinar will be moderated by Natalie Baumgartner, Chief Workforce Scientist at Achievers and Chief Research Officer at CLA’s Institute for Contemporary Leadership. To learn more and register for the employee connection webinar, please visit here.

“At Achievers, our mission is to change the way the world works, and we are deeply committed to activating this for our customers through applied research and innovation,” said Jeff Cates, CEO, Achievers. “Our research has identified that when employees feel a sense of belonging – which is based on an experience of connection, security, and community – organizations see a positive impact on retention and engagement. Belonging is proving to be a critical driver of business performance and CLA, along with its own research, will expand our understanding of the broader impact of leadership behaviors when developing a culture of belonging.”

In August, the Achievers Workforce Institute (AWI) will publish new research on what the tech-enabled employee experience should look like after surveying more than 3,700 employees and 1,400 HR leaders from Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK, and USA. Stay updated on the latest research from AWI.

“For today’s leaders, operating within their organizations and markets is no longer akin to completing a challenging jigsaw puzzle, but rather, feels like solving a Rubik’s cube,” said Dr. Dan Fisher, Executive Director of the Institute for Contemporary Leadership and Managing Partner, CLA. “We bolster leaders’ abilities to thrive in complex adaptive systems by coaching them and their teams, and by embedding contemporary leadership practices across their organizations through best-in-class enterprise development programs. The research from the Achievers Workforce Institute focuses on uncovering data and insights in employee experience, and we are excited to collaborate so global organizations can implement exceptional employee experience programs at both the team and organizational levels.”

About Achievers

Achievers’ employee voice and recognition solutions bring your organization’s values and strategy to life by activating employee participation and accelerating a culture of performance. Achievers leverages the science behind behavior change, so your people and your organization can experience sustainable, data-driven business results. Visit us at

About CLA

Founded in 2016, CLA is a firm of behavioral scientists and business experts whose mission is to equip leaders with the innovative, forward-thinking solutions they need to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges of managing business and people amidst a rapidly evolving business landscape. CLA employs leading-edge thinking and innovation developed in partnership with the Institute for Contemporary Leadership.

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