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  1. Micromanaging if really not effective. It only contributes to the pressure. Giving your employees the chance to decide on their own will really benefit the organization. Thank you for the article, Kellie.

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your comment! 🙂 We agree that it’s important for managers to build trust with their employees. The method of coaching and mentoring will be more effective than micromanaging.

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  2. Well, your tips really will help me to overcome my issues in managing things in my office. I have written down some points to follow now. Thank you

  3. A leader’s role is the most dynamic, changing at different stages of the organization. Which means, your leadership role requires you to be mindful at all times about what to let go, what to adapt and what to adapt in the next business stage, once you take on this approach you are already ahead in the game.

  4. Great guide! I really loved everything you explained in this article. You are right these qualities are must if you want to become a manager. Have a great day. thank you

  5. Great post! I’m really impressed with those tips. I’m surely gonna use them in my company. Well, in case you don’t know I’m a manager at Kilt and Jacks. Thanks 🙂

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