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    1. Thanks very much. I’m happy to hear you thought everything was well-explained and that it gave you some useful ideas 🙂

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      1. Hi Ezzely,

        Thanks so much for the kind comments about the article – I really appreciate it 🙂 Employee engagement really is the secret to business success in my opinion!

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  1. Hey Becca, worth mentioning benefits! Energized employees and happier customers can drive the business ahead of the race. Employee satisfaction is possible by providing various means like proper onboarding, growth opportunities, constant recognition, and perks and rewards. By prioritizing employee engagement, one can enjoy all the above benefits such as greater profits, lower turnover, more productive employees & happier customers. It is a win-win situation. In this internet realm, it can be possible through automation. You can surely view some AI tools like CSAT.AI, MaestroQA, ScorebuddyQA, and Salesforce Einstein to have a better idea about this.

  2. Now a days engagement is important factor to get high turnover. So that customer satisfaction is very important to get more engagement in the present market. How to maintain the customer satisfaction? Can you give me any suggestions for that?

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