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How belonging at work helps complex organisations retain and grow their EVP

Halfway into 2023, the forecast remains volatile as organisations grapple with several challenges - both local and global. Employees remain front and centre an area large, complex organisations are grappling with how to meet the new ways of working required by a more mobile, dynamic, and remote workforce. One thing is crystal clear though - employees want to ‘belong’.

Employees with a strong sense of belonging are 3x more likely to be engaged, productive, and committed to their job. When organisations can create an employee experience where each individual feels like they’re part of a team that accepts and values them for who they are, the result is happier, healthier employees who want to stay and contribute to be part of creating a living EVP!

Join us to learn:

  • Create connections across the enterprise to drive a sense of belonging in complex organisations
  • Develop a shared culture and increase belonging to elevate your employee value proposition
  • Explore new opportunities and powerful ways to help employees thrive in new ways of working
  • Explore effective recognition and appreciation practices that can be implemented at both leadership level and peer level to ensure your people don’t feel invisible


Steve Brewin
Steve Brewin

Head of HR, SEA, Accenture

Anita Fleming
Anita Fleming

Co-Founder & Director, FourFold Consulting

Kristy Jones
Kristy Jones

Senior Director, Employee Experience, Achievers


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