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  1. I hate all of this. I am a grown woman. If you want to appreciate me, do it seriously. I don’t have time to play games and do crafts. This isn’t Romper Room. I want to be appreciated as a PROFESSIONAL. Don’t infantilize what I do. Just say thanks, maybe give me flowers, a gift card would be great. This day isn’t “the be all and end all of recognition” for me. Give me what I need to get my job done, and when you say thanks, make sure it is a professional effort and not something I already did in kindergarten at the age of 5.

    1. Hi Sharissa,

      Thanks for reading the blog. We understand the suggestions listed above might not work for everyone, so we really appreciate you offering your feedback and letting us know how you’d like to be appreciated. “Saying it with flowers” (and gift cards) has been a corporate mainstay for years for good reason. However with the increased emphasis on the employee as an individual, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recognition and appreciation.

  2. All I can say is I’m glad I don’t work with Sharissa! This article is about appreciating all employees and engaging them as a team. Our employees love a chance to have some fun and they actually feel more appreciated when we have fun events in the office. Everybody works hard and has stresses on the job. A quick break for some games or a treat goes a long way in keeping staff happy. I am working on an Appreciation Month with different departments highlighted each week. It won’t be fancy or elaborate (budgetary concerns you know!) but a couple of days each week will have some kind of game or treat. We will definitely have a theme – as they all love a theme!! And we definitely have some fun and memories besides deadlines and spreadsheets. Thanks for some ideas to add to my list.

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