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  1. Great insights Stephan. Keeping a positive disposition is critical to building trust and inspiring a team.

    1. Thank you for your comment Erik! And thank you for reading and the input. Yes, I agree; a positive disposition is one of the key mechanisms for creating conditions wherein people are more likely to share, participate and collaborate on most meaningful! Be well!

  2. Stephens right on with this assessment. My favorite of the five pillars is Love. As he states, it’s not often referenced that way, but it is the most appropriate label. You could even shorten it to Love, Laugh, Lead. Listen and Learn are really a product of Love i.e. caring about your people. If you don’t listen and learn about your people, then where’s the love. We’ve all dealt with leaders who mostly love themselves and their own aspirations. When I think of leadership, I always think of the mantra of the late great Bill Campbell, former Chairman of INtuit and beloved coach to many of Silicon Valley’s most iconic companies, “your title makes you a manager; your people make you a leader.”

    1. Thanks so much Jeff for reading and sharing your comment. We love your thoughts on the importance of listening and learning. Also, thank you for sharing that great quote. We couldn’t agree more!

    2. Thank you for reading Jeff and, taking the time to leave some meaningful contributions. I LOVE all of your points and the quote such a great fit! Keep on putting great things in the world!

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