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  1. This is super valuable insight. It’s not always easy to practice these things in the workplace and your tips are very helpful. I will definitely try them out. Thanks for sharing and please write more!!!

    1. Thanks so much Christina for reading and sharing your comment. 🙂 We’re so glad you enjoyed reading this piece. Have a great day and cheers to mindfulness!

  2. No matter how centered we may feel we are, a hectic, overwhelming day or week, can contribute to us forgetting to practice mindfulness….
    Thank you for this great article. It can be used as a constant reference to us on how to keep balance in our lives.

    1. Thank you so much Laura for reading and sharing your comment. We are glad you enjoyed reading this piece. And we definitely agree. It’s important to always remind ourselves to practice mindfulness, especially during overwhelming days. Have a great rest of day!

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