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How to Integrate Recognition Into Your Everyday Work Life

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What are you doing to integrate recognition into your everyday work life? According to a 2018 report by Achievers and Aptitude Research Partners, companies identified recognition as having the greatest impact on employee engagement. This isn’t surprising considering 60% of companies plan to increase their investment in social recognition technology this year. With social recognition comes positive business results:

  • 4X more likely to improve stock prices
  • 2X more likely to improve NPS scores
  • 2X more likely to improve individual performances

Recognition should not be limited to a one-time occurrence. To maximize its impact, recognition needs to be frequent and shown on a daily basis. If you already made an investment in an employee recognition program or are planning to, let’s make sure your initiative gets the light of day. It’s important to make sure employees are frequently recognized and rewarded in the workplace. Below are top tips on how to integrate recognition into your everyday work life.

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Take advantage of integrations

We recognize not all employees are able to be on your recognition platform 24/7. This is where integrations come into play. Through an Open API, it is now easy and seamless for employees to send and receive recognitions in the everyday flow of work. You now have the ability to integrate recognition into your company’s everyday platforms, whether it’s an intranet portal, instant messaging tool or learning management system. Don’t limit where employees can participate in recognition activities – look beyond just one platform and integrate recognition throughout multiple employee touchpoints.

Deliver a fun user experience

No one wants a boring user experience. Make sure your recognition platform has an engaging and easy-to-use interface. Daily active usage of any program depends on the quality of the user experience. Have fun with your recognition platform and see what is possible. Consider branding your recognition program to reflect your company’s style and design. Make sure your employees have options to play with – whether it’s monetary or social recognition, peer-to-peer or manager-to-employee recognition, or one-click recognitions. Let employees easily tie recognitions to company values. By incorporating values to recognition activities, you’re instilling your company’s mission and values on a regular basis.

Provide unbeatable rewards

Recognition is one thing, but what about the rewards that can come with it? Let recognition extend beyond the workplace and into your employees’ lives outside of the office with unbeatable rewards. Provide monetary recognition so that employees can accrue points, which they can later redeem for rewards. Offer an extensive rewards catalog that gets employees excited. Let employees pick the rewards that mean the most to them. So the next time your employees are looking at their new reward, such as an Apple TV, they will think about the constant recognition they received to redeem it. With the right rewards, employees will be motivated to recognize more often.

Brainstorm campaign ideas

Don’t wait for employees to come to your employee recognition platform, go to them! Push out fun campaigns throughout the year that will make employees want to get involved. Major companies, such as Scotiabank and Cox Automotive, are already executing successful campaigns for their recognition program. Scotiabank executed its “Pay It Forwardcampaign, which resulted in 86% activation globally, while Cox Automotive had its “Spark Week” celebration, which resulted in 25,522 “Thank You” recognition cards being sent across the platform. Don’t know when you should kick off your first or next campaign? Consider Employee Appreciation Week (EAW). EAW is the perfect opportunity to execute a creative campaign surrounding your employee recognition program and boost activity.

So what are you waiting for? Start integrating recognition into your everyday work life. In a Gallup survey, two-thirds of employees stated they didn’t receive any recognition for their work over the last seven days. Let’s break the pattern and make recognition a frequent, everyday event in the workplace.

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