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  1. The blog post, titled as Why Self-Esteem Is Critical to Successful Leadership, is interesting to read and presents many valuable tips to the people who read it. There are many things that guide to the success of leadership and one of them is self-esteem. You can never be a good leader with your low self-esteem and you cannot become a role model to the people who follows you with no self-esteem.

    1. Brandon – thank you for your comments, and I agree self-esteem is really needed to be a great leader. And the ability for a leader to say with confidence, “I don’t know” is just as relevant. It doesn’t show a lack of confidence, but a willingness to learn and be open to new ideas and opinions. People follow leaders that are open, honest and vulnerable. I appreciate you sharing my blog. Best to you and your leadership journey! Bobi

  2. This is something interesting article you have shared here…i enjoyed it 🙂 Yeah, the leadership and self esteem is always connected..leadership is the best quality that never everyone will get but there are some peoples who can be called as “born leader” by their inbuilt leadership quality..Respect is one of the core factors to relationships. It should drive esteem in ourselves and in others as well. Respect translates to trust. The higher the respect between individuals, teams, and departments, the greater the trust..You can be a leader but never be a “good leader” with your low self-esteem for sure..

    1. Amanda,
      I appreciate your comments on my blog article. I agree respect is so important to leadership success. We have to love ourselves and have a strong self-esteem in order to build trusting authentic relationships. Feel free to share this with others.
      thank you,

  3. @BOBI SEREDICH, Yeah exactly…Without mutual respect a relationship is doomed for failure. Respect each other’s ideas and decisions with an undercurrent of love and trust, knowing that you have each other’s goodness at heart…I think it would be better if we can Practice Self-Awareness and Admit the mistakes..this simple gesture will bring you peace of mind and increased love and acceptance in your relationship…

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your comment! 🙂 Stay updated on all the latest articles from The Engage Blog by subscribing at the top right hand side of this page. Cheers!

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