Achievers Empowers Employees to Give Back During Employee Appreciation Week

Toronto, ON, February 27, 2023 – Achievers, an industry-leading employee experience platform, has launched a give-back initiative in recognition of its annual Employee Appreciation Week (February 27 – March 3) celebration. The company’s show of appreciation to its workforce helps to support the causes closest to employees’ hearts through charitable donations made using the Achievers Employee Experience Platform.

Through the Achievers Rewards Marketplace, employees have the ability to make charitable donations to over a million registered charities globally. All employees are invited to participate in the campaign by donating points earned through the Platform to a charity of their choice. During Employee Appreciation Week, for every $10 in points donated, employees will be entered into a daily draw for prizes.

“We understand that appreciation takes many forms, and one way to show our employees that we care is to support the issues they care about,” says Hannah Yardley, chief people and culture officer, Achievers. “In today’s world of flexible work, social issues are not limited to outside of work hours and companies can no longer overlook the importance of supporting their workforces in making contributions to social change. Through this initiative, we also hope to nurture a sense of belonging by better understanding the passions and causes most important to our employees.”

Employee Appreciation Week at Achievers is designed to celebrate employees. Achievers will be hosting a variety of activities over the week including in-office and virtual yoga classes, a smoothies and ice cream event, paint night, games and live music. In addition to showing appreciation through giving back, Achievers is also announcing opportunities for employee development by launching a diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) educational series.

To cap off the week, Achievers is hosting its employee recognition ceremony, an employee-nominated process that allows peers to identify the employees that have had the most impact.

Research from the Achievers Workforce Institute has found that recognition is not only the most effective way to make employees feel valued on the job but it is also a key driver in critical areas such as inclusion and the experience of belonging. Those recognized weekly are 45% more likely to say they also feel known as an individual at their organization. Frequent recognition paired with efforts to understand employees’ personal values have many benefits, including higher levels of employee engagement and retention.

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