Strong manager performance in recognizing employee performance increases engagement by almost 60%.
- Tower Watson: The Power of Recognition from Managers (October 2010)

Manager Tools

Employees leave managers, not companies. With that in mind, Achievers designed Manager’s Corner to give managers the employee performance management tools they need, providing at-a-glance employee performance reports, dynamic organization charts, and employee development tools. Empower your managers to become coaches and you can easily develop, engage–and retain–your top performers.

My Team

Provide managers with interactive organizational charts that manage team and individual employee performance, measure alignment to company and team goals, highlight top performers, and identify high potential employees.


Using our proprietary algorithm, Connections visually displays relationships across your organization as they develop in real-time, identifying your top influencers at a glance. Provides an additional data point for succession planning and mentorship by visually mapping your top influencers.

I can do my own reporting and get it done very quickly, and I don’t have to interact with anyone outside my organization. It’s been quite fantastic.
- Nicole Atwood, Manulife Financial