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  1. I totally agree with your point that your “company culture” suffers if teams aren’t brought together as a whole to really internalize your values. It doesn’t take much to keep employees encouraged and they really are what keeps your company going! Great post!

  2. I like the article. We’re suddenly new to remote working as a sign of the times, and our supervisors are struggling on how to supervise this new work group.

    I tried downloading your engagement guide using the link. I said the resource was ready, but I don’t see how to access it. Do I need to subscribe or can the article be sent?

  3. Thank you for reading and sharing your comment! 🙂 Glad you liked the article and found it helpful. Check out another article covering How to Work From Home Effectively:

    Regarding downloading the engagement guide, please visit here: Once you fill out the form and see that the resource is ready, you should be able to click “Download” and then click “Access Resource Now”. Please let me know this works. Also, feel free to send your email address and I am more than happy to email it directly to you. Thank you again for visiting and reading the Engage blog!

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