Employees rave about Power Design’s Recognition and Rewards Program

Power Design

Business challenge

Power Design Inc. is a family-run business operating in 26 states with over 2,000 employees. In addition to being a leader in the electrical contracting space, Power Design has earned recognition as one of the Nation’s Top Workplaces from Inc. and Fortune magazines.

Part of the culture at Power Design is the enthusiastic celebration of #PDILife. In an effort to herald their employees’ achievements, Power Design developed multiple recognition programs, each operating in isolation on different platforms—some without a platform at all. Although well-intended, these recognition processes were cumbersome, overly manual and time consuming to execute. As their business scaled and their teams grew both at their headquarters and geographically, timely and meaningful recognition became increasingly challenging.

Power Design’s recognition and rewards goals were clear:
Connect Connect
One centralized location for all recognition programs and engagement campaigns.
Unite Unite
A seamless connection between their primary office, remote workers, and field employees.
Engage Engage
Create a culture that encourages more frequent, timely, and public recognitions across all areas of the business.

Achievers Employee Success Platform™ solution

To ensure success, Power Design needed a recognition solution as agile as their workforce, allowing for nationwide accessibility, mobile recognition, robust redemption capabilities, and visibility across the entire company. Above all, it had to engage at every level across the organization, giving executives, managers and team members the opportunity to easily send and receive recognitions.

After much research and evaluation, Power Design partnered with Achievers to launch their employee recognition program, rave (Recognizing Achievements Values and Excellence). Power Design’s selection of Achievers as their recognition and rewards solution was based largely on Achievers’ robust mobile capabilities—something of great importance to Power Design and its large workforce spread across the United States.

Upon its implementation, Power Design began to leverage rave’s myriad of features to unite their field employees with those at headquarters and encourage public, ongoing peer-to-peer recognition.

Recognizing the power of leveraging Achievers as a hub of employee engagement, Power Design also incorporated several of their legacy recognition programs into their rave program including: their Values Program, Answering the Call for Excellence (ACE), which recognizes employees that exemplify Power Design’s core values; the CRUSHED IT program that celebrates project success; and their Years of Service awards.

Power Design understood that success meant ensuring the adoption and engagement of their recognition program both at their St. Petersburg, Florida head office and across their on, and offsite workforce. To ensure that employees were set up for success regardless of their location, Power Design deployed digital communications, mailers, and engaged field training teams to ensure that all employees knew how to utilize the platform to its fullest. In addition, the recognition program was added to the required learning for new employee onboarding.

Beyond being the catalyst for their culture of recognition, Power Design took the opportunity to leverage rave to reinforce their core values through social and points-based recognition.

“With the Achievers platform, we’ve been able to house internal recognition programs under one roof and increase positive awareness on employee and team accomplishments throughout Power Design.”

Alex Kersey, Engagement Manager

Business impact

Power Design has experienced an overwhelmingly positive response to rave from employees, with high program adoption at all levels. For starters, 89% of Power Design’s employees are actively using rave and 70% are logging in at least once a month. Employees appreciate the ability to reach and recognize their colleagues nationwide and Power Design’s executives love that the platform allows them to participate in their employees’ success and they are able to gain real-time insights on recognition activity across the company.

Rave has increased awareness and recognition for not only daily achievements, but also milestones. All this positive activity has had a cascading effect on the legacy programs that have been integrated into rave. Since launching rave, Power Design has seen an increase in nominations for the ACE program, the CRUSHED IT program, and greater participation in friendly company competitions.

All of this activity is tracked and communicated through rave’s reporting capabilities made possible by Achievers’ robust analytics suite. Not only that, the program also provides efficiencies around awards reconciliation, saving time, effort, and money. And with Achievers’ dedicated and award-winning customer support team, rave is agile—changes or enhancements can be made at any time. By streamlining their recognition programs and housing them all in one place, Power Design is afforded more time to learn from each program, identify and execute process improvements, and breathe new life into them with fresh ideas and approaches.

While Power Design’s recognition programs have always been strong, centralizing recognition on rave has strengthened their culture even further. This is largely due to the ability to recognize instantly and publicly, regardless of location. Plus, the satisfaction of redeeming recognition points earned on a vast variety of items from the rewards catalogue. Rave has allowed the office culture to extend to those who are remote or on job sites—reinforcing connections across the entire #PDIFamily.

What’s next?

Power Design seeks to be the benchmark for employee engagement, striving for 100% activation and participation. Rave has allowed the organization to ingrain recognition, rewards, and celebration into their day-to-day work life—but it doesn’t stop there. Power Design intends to integrate additional internal programs into rave and to begin using it at more internal and external events and community initiatives. There’s no limit to where they can take it!

Positivity. Growth. Engagement. That’s what rave, and Achievers, brings to the Power Design team.


“Don’t forget to rave.”

Power Design’s reminder to recognize and reward



Achievers Insight

of Power Design's employees are actively using rave

of Power Design's employees are logging in at least once a month